10-Year-Old Arrested for Threatening to Kill Mom's Boyfriend

In today's episode of When Parents Stop Doing Their Jobs, we introduce you to a mother in Centralia who thinks 911 is a capable replacement for maternal discipline. Our hellraiser is the woman's 10-year-old daughter, who apparently threatened to go OJ on her mother's boyfriend.

Police were called out to the home on Saturday night. There, they were told that the little girl had gone postal after being denied access to the family computer.

As part of her shit fit, the girl allegedly told her family that she would "cut the artery" of her mom's boyfriend with a knife. Then she reportedly threw a glass jar at her mom, a toss that missed its intended target and hit her brother instead.

Despite being only 10-years-old, the little girl apparently has quite a cannon. As a result of her throw, her brother had to get stitches, a development that has Mariners scouts excited at the possibility of a local solution to their search for a long reliever.

The little girl was arrested by police. But since she's a kid, prosecutors still aren't sure if they're going to charge her or not.

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