World's Wussiest Man Pepper Sprays Petite Pregnant Lady

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Sometimes it's really hard to identify the World's Wussiest Man. Thankfully, the candidates have a habit of making themselves eligible in the most public way possible. Take the large, but certainly not in charge, gentleman who confronted young Alexandra Griffith this past weekend.

Griffith and her girlfriend were trying to find a parking spot for Bumbershoot when the four-months-pregnant woman noticed our nominee pounding on the back of her Prius.

The not-so-gentle-giant, all 6'5'' of him, was upset because he thought Griffith had almost run him over. Griffith, only five feet tall and confused because she'd never even seen the man in her rearview, got out to see if he'd done any damage to her car.

It's never a smart idea to confront a large man with an apparent anger problem. Especially if you're a petite woman with child.

What Griffith couldn't have known at the time, however, was that she wasn't actually dealing with a man. Because no real man would ever pepper spray a lady.

"It was like being on fire. It was excruciating," she told KOMO. "I wasn't sure if he was poisoning me or my child."

Griffith managed to snap a picture of the vulgar brute before he ambled off, but not before he was also caught on a Seattle Center security tape. Sources say he was later spotted stealing lunch money from kids and teasing cripples, but those reports remain unconfirmed.

If you recognize this person, please, don't panic. Remember, he's a giant wuss.

Instead, call police and let them know who he is. Then e-mail The Daily Weekly and let us know his identity too. I went to a lot of trouble to make up this certificate (it's gold-embossed!) and I don't want it to go to waste.

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This year's winner.
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