Despite Pete Holmes' Legal Opinion Against Mike McGinn, Two Of His Attorneys Are Aiding the Mayor

When two people at City Hall get into a legal spat--as Mayor Mike McGinn and City Council President Richard Conlin have over a signature on a draft of an environmental study needed to move the tunnel project forward, the City Attorney's office can find itself in an awkward spot.

Today McGinn told reporters that two lawyers from the office are advising him in his legal war against Conlin. That announcement comes after City Attorney Pete Holmes issued an opinion that Conlin's signature was legal.

In signing off on the environmental impact study so it can be put up for public comment, Conlin did not commit "an affront to the executive authority of Mayor Mike McGinn," Holmes wrote. "The signature neither binds the City nor impedes the mayor's powers."

Asked about Holmes' opinion, McGinn reiterated that he does not believe Conlin's signature is valid and said he has two attorneys from Holmes' office advising him on the matter.

City Attorney spokesperson Kimberly Mills said she couldn't comment on how much time or resources were being put into the mayor's argument. "It's attorney-client privilege," she said.

But if you're keeping score at home, that's three attorneys being paid out of the city's suffering budget, all hashing out the nuances of a signature on a non-binding, draft document.

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