What Made This Year's Microsoft Company Meeting the 'Best Ever'?

best party ever.jpg
Yesterday, roughly 20,000 Microsoft workers packed Safeco Field for the company's annual meeting. An Amy Sedaris-hosted event that anonymous blogger Mini-Microsoft declared the "Best...Ever." So what made it the best?

Unlike last year, this year Microsoft clamped down on during-meeting Twittering. So there's a dearth of digital evidence to sift through.

What has come out suggests that a Halo spoof -- wherein one team using a Windows 7 Phone for communication beat another team using an iPhone when the Apple team had to stop and upload a patch -- was the comic highlight of the day. (Just try and follow that act, Sedaris!)

But one funny video does not a best company meeting ever make. So help us out here, Microsoft employees or friends of Microsoft employees. What made it the best?

What is it an outrageous stunt pulled by Head Cheerleader and CEO Steve Ballmer? Or are y'all just still delirious from the fumes of that iPhone funeral you held last week?

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