West Seattle Shooting Leaves Four Dead, More Wounded

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UPDATE: Police now say they think their shooter was a woman in her 50s, and that she is among the four dead found in the house.

According to police, sometime earlier this afternoon someone at a home in West Seattle's Highland Park neighborhood called 911 and said that their grandmother was mentally ill and had fired shots. When medics arrived on the scene even more shots were fired. And when police were able to enter the home they found six people shot, four of them dead.

At last look, police were still trying to locate the grandmother. She's described as 61-years-old, Asian and wearing white shirt and sweatpants. We'll keep you updated.

UPDATE: "My mom's gone crazy."

That's what the 42-year-old daughter of the alleged shooter reportedly told police as she was being rushed to the hospital. The daughter is the only known survivor of the shooting, having taken three bullets but expected to pull through.

The other three victims were a man in his 30s and two girls in their teens. A man who police suspect might have been the shooter's husband broke through police tape while the house was surrounded and ran into the home, only to run out a minute later after two more shots were fired.

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