Tony and Medina Green Charged After Kid Eats Pot-Laced Rice Krispie Treat

pot rice krispie treat.jpg
In today's edition of What the Hell Is Wrong With Idaho we'd like you to meet the Greens, model parents from Boise. Like many average Americans, Tony and Medina like to add a little medicinal flavor to their lives. Like many average Americans, they're also fans of sugary treats. Unfortunately, also like many average Americans, they're not so good at keeping an eye on their kids.

Police say that, back in August, the Greens' 4-year-old was hospitalized with symptoms suspiciously similar to those of a guy who'd just gotten back from a 311 concert. The kid was lethargic, had slurred speech, bloodshot eyes and wouldn't stop talking about how everyone in the hospital room seemed to be talking about him behind his back. And it turns out he'd accidentally been doped by his own parents.

While dad was out and mom slept, the kid found a pot-laced Rice Krispie treat on the kitchen counter. Now mom and dad are facing felony charges of injury to a child. And the child is facing the threat of being the coolest kindergartner to enter the class of 2011.

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