Today in Sex: Bored by Gay Marriage, Mormons Now Targeting Porn

It would seem that the Mormons don't want anyone to have any fun. They didn't want Gay Americans to marry, now they've got their collective special undergarments in a twist over pornography. Specifically how watching and wanking is "ruining" marriages. Sigh. If it's not the gays ruining marriage, it's Sasha Grey.

To combat this evil scourge, the Deseret Media Companies—which includes the Deseret News, KSL-TV, KSL Newsradio, Deseret Digital and Deseret Book—is launching an initiative to stop porn in its tracks. Or at least offer some help to the "silent victims of pornography; the wives of the consumers." (Apparently no men have reported porn-related injuries, though I do know of one guy who had to be hospitalized after he threw out his back during a vigorous self-love session.)

Called Out in the Light, the program doesn't distinguish between your average porn viewer (i.e., every man you know and many women) and the kind of sex addict who blows his kid's college fund on hookers and blow. Because porn inevitably sends every single one of its viewers into a downward spiral ending in infidelity, STDs, financial ruin and chapped wieners.

In news that was definitely news to me, according to the Mormons, watching porn is also the same as cheating on your partner. One "expert" quoted in the Deseret News said, "most women don't distinguish between an affair, an escort service, and pornography." Huh?

The paper reported, "One client, trying to help [the doctor] understand the scope of her husband's betrayal, said she knows of men who have only 'been with one woman.' Then she added, 'My husband has been with thousands.'"

Um, no. Your husband watched a lot of naughty TV. Last time I checked you couldn't catch an STD off a computer screen. But OITL doesn't believe people can just watch a skin flick or two and go on with their day.

To get the other side of the story, I contacted Lux Alptraum, editor of the extremely NSFW site, Fleshbot to see what she thought about the article. "Most smokers will not have multiple fingers amputated because of their habit, but the woman who did makes for a great anti-smoking commercial; likewise, if you're trying to promote an anti-porn cause, it makes sense to have the people who were unable to consume adult content in a healthy manner at the forefront of your cause."

No doubt there are people who abuse pornography—just as there are those who can't eat just one Twinkie or have just a beer. Eric Danville, managing editor of Penthouse Forum, has been in the porn biz for 20 years. He told me, "an ostensibly 'happily married man's' reliance on porn has always struck me as a symptom of a marriage in trouble, not the cause of the trouble. If men and women alike would embrace human sexuality, be honest with each other and themselves and just communicate better, marriages wouldn't suffer nearly as much."

Also—sorry Mormons—but men aren't the only ones consuming porn. Danville assures me, "Female porn consumerism has been trending up for years."

Now where'd I put that copy of Bend Over, Boyfriend. . . .

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