Sunny Jim Fire Is Going to Mess Up Your Afternoon

sunny jim fire 1.jpg
Hoping to drive/bus/walk/pogo anywhere near downtown Seattle this afternoon? Well I'm sorry to be the one to deliver this news, but an old Georgetown factory that used to make delicious, nutricious peanut butter has thrown a chunky dollop all over those plans. The two-story, vacant building that used to house Sunny Jim's went up in flames earlier today, creating a four-alarm blaze visible all the way on Bainbridge Island.

As the P-I points out, today's fire is nothing new for the hundred-year-old building. There was another one on the site back in 1997 that destroyed the "Sunny Jim" sign visible from I-5.

sunny jim fire on i 5.jpg
Twitter user joelseattle
The fire from I-5.

firefighter injured.jpg
Twitter user mdcoyle
A firefighter apparently hurt by falling siding gets taken away on a stretcher.
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