Starbucks Is Evil Because of One Jerky Starbucks Employee?

dr evil.jpg
There was a tornado in Brooklyn yesterday. Witnesses in hipsterdom's Mecca say the twister started off cool but got lame once everyone else heard about it. (Rimshot?) Anyway, the point is that all that wind and rain allowed Gawker to run with this ridiculous headline: "Did Starbucks Leave Its Customers to Blow Away in the Storm?"

The question mark makes it seem as if Starbucks might have some company-wide policy whereby it automatically ejects its customers in the event of inclement weather. As if Howard Schultz is some Mother Nature pre-cog who can anticipate high-pressure systems, like Storm from the X-Men's annoying uncle.

So "has soulless Starbucks reached a new low," as Gawker asks? Of course it hasn't.

What actually happened is this: one Long Island location (one store!) asked its customers to leave after the storm knocked out its lights. Grrr! Evil corporation is so...not evil.

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