Spokane Police Get Search Warrant for Suspect's Rectum

clenched butt.jpg
When Spokane police pulled over the 31-year-old man during a traffic stop, they found a knife, marijuana and a digital scale in his backpack. They also found that he had a few outstanding warrants out for his arrest. But it wasn't until they got him down to the station that they suspected he might be hiding something else from them.

While he was being booked, a jailer noticed our hero suffered from a severe case of the clenched buttocks. Thinking he might have slipped something into a spot where others dare not look, the jailer asked to man to bend over, spread his butt cheeks and cough.

When the suspect refused, officers equipped themselves with an instrument guaranteed to induce cooperation: a judge's search warrant.

Transported to a local hospital, the man was given a full inspection. But the search came up empty. Leading to today's Moment of Unintentional Hilarity, courtesy of a police spokesman.

"A jailer thought he saw something," he told a local paper. "But for whatever reason, it didn't come out."

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