Robert Henry Smith, Ex-Rainier Beach Drug Counselor, Convicted on Drug Charges

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As we pointed out last December, it makes some kind of perverse sense that a man whose job requires him to educate the young and impressionable on the dangers of drug use would have skills that might translate to actual drug dealing. So it goes for Robert Henry Smith, an ex-Rainier Beach High School drug counselor recently convicted on multiple drug charges and possibly facing life in jail.

Smith, 59, apparently recognized Oxycodone's growing popularity in King County. A confidential informant first approached police and told them the counselor was pushing the pain pill, along with its derivative Percocet, while still on the job.

Seattle police and the DEA watched Smith take part in four drug-buys, one of which occurred only blocks from the high school. Prosecutors say he never once sold to students, nor sold on school property. But he did take phone calls about drug deals while at work.

In her closing statement, Assistant U.S. Attorney Lisca Borichewski told jurors that Smith "was a drug and alcohol counselor whose job was to make sure kids were getting help for their addictions. Instead he was feeding other people's addictions."

Smith was convicted on multiple distribution counts. And since each of those counts carries with it a sentence of up to 20 years in prison, there's a possibility he's facing life.

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