Patrick Gillum Shows Other Criminals the Easiest Way to Get Arrested

handcuffed arrested.jpg
Patrick Gillum should get some kind of award for criminal efficiency. Yesterday morning Gillum went on to the porch of an apartment on a busy street directly across from a park and blocks from a middle school, pointed a gun into the air and began firing. Then he did it again.

An officer on patrol on Yesler Avenue near Pratt Park was only one block away when he heard the first volley of bullets. He was in his car and on the way to the scene when he heard the second.

A SWAT team was called and four people emerged from the apartment, including Gillum. Most, including him, said that they'd been sleeping at the time of the shooting.

But a witness ID'd the 25-year-old as the shooter, and a search of the apartment revealed that a Glock 9 mm matching casings found in a bush outside was found under his bed.

Gillum hasn't offered a reason for his manly display of early-morning bravado. But a neighbor reported hearing an argument roughly 20 minutes before shots were fired.

Gillum has since been booked for reckless endangerment, violation of his parole and possession of a stolen weapon, as the gun had also been reported missing.

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