Nate Robinson and Shaq: The NBA's Best Visual Gag

Former Rainier Beach High standout, University of Washington star, SW cover boy and self-described "small guy from Seattle" Nate Robinson is a member of the Boston Celtics. So too is Shaquille O'Neal, quite possibly the world's largest human. Do you think it might be funny if Robinson and Shaq were in the same picture together? Might their disparity in height cause you to guffaw, maybe even chuckle? Yeah, that's what the Celtics thought too.

Robinson's Twitter feed has turned into one long visual gag.

nate robinson shaq rondo.jpg

nate robinson shaq garnett.jpg

nate robinson and shaq.jpg

If ever there were an appropriate time to pitch Hollywood on a sequel to the Arnold Schwarzenegger/Danny Devito movie "Twins," now would be that time.

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