Microsoft Throws Windows 7 Parade, iPhone Funeral (PICTURES)

microsoft funeral iphone.jpg
Sometimes you just have to wonder if what you're looking at is actually real, or some sort of elaborate hoax. THIS IS ONE OF THOSE TIMES. Microsoft is clearly feeling cocky about Windows Phone 7, its newest mobile device. Because today, a week after it shipped to manufacturers, Microsoft employees paraded through Redmond carrying giant iPhone mock-ups, dancing behind hearses and marching next to banners declaring death to the competition, in some sort of bizarre mash-up of pep rally, Mardi Gras parade and second line jazz funeral. Also, for some reason there were zombies.

the iphone funeral.jpg
Those capes are bad-ass. Gimme.

windows celebration.jpg
What the civil rights movement would have looked like had it been about phones and not racial equality.

microsoft parade 1.jpg
Zombies...check. Marilyn Monroe...check. Man in ape outfit...uhhhh...oh, right. There he is. (Check.)

windows buries the competition.jpg
The type in this banner was printed in "can'tfuckingmakethatoutyellow."

Shelving the snark for a second, this actually looks like a lot of fun. Sure it may seem more ridiculous months from now if Windows Phone 7 is a Kin-like blunder. But for the time being, you've got smoke machines, fancy signs and parading zombies all on a Friday afternoon when most people are working. How are we supposed to be cynical about that?

Oh yeah. And I almost forgot...

darth motorcycle.jpg
Darth on bike!

(All hail Flickr user Trioculus for snapping these wonderful shots.)

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