Michael Kniezewski's Friend Says He Wasn't Suicidal

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If you believe the man who admits to killing him, Michael Kniezewski was depressed and wanted to end his life. The 21-year-old from Pennsylvania was found strangled to death last week. The man who says he committed the murder, Joshua Stattman, 32, says he did nothing more than help out a friend in a benevolent act of assisted suicide. But a reader who says he knew Kniezewski says that's not true.

"I met Mike a week or so before he got murdered. He was young and experiencing life in a new city, on a new coast.

"We had numerous talks in the few days that I knew him and even went to lunch together at a local community lunch program. He was way too trusting of people, nice trait, but was new to being on the streets and his kind and open nature put him with the wrong person at the wrong time.

"He was not suicidal in action and not once spoke any words that I would ever interpret as placing him in a depressed or suicidal state of mind. He talked about getting a car, driving to Vegas, and then heading back to Philly. I did not know him very long but will miss him."

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