Meet Two of Seattle Storm's Biggest (And Tonight Happiest) Fans

Avreayl Jacobson didn't have a girls basketball team to play on when she was a kid. So she checked out a book on basketball from the library and practiced hook shots over and over by herself.

Well those days are long gone. Tonight Jacobson and partner Linda Giddings, decked out in Cherokee ribbon shirts made from 2004 Storm championship season scarves, snapped pictures in front of WNBA banners. Then they took their seats to watch Lauren Jackson, Sue Bird and company put 87 points on the board to the Atlanta Dream's 84, giving them a 2-0 lead going into the third and possibly final game of the WNBA Championship.

Giddings explains that the Cherokees from which she and Jacobson are both descended celebrate victories by creating tops threaded with ribbons signifying their triumphs.

So, naturally, Giddings sewed the 2004 scarves into shirts and stitched on a ribbon honoring that year's team. "We'll add another one this year," she declares. A small cutout of Lauren Jackson attached to a headband bobbing and down in agreement.

The Storm outplayed the Dream for the win, with four players hitting double-digit point totals. But Atlanta never let up, outscoring them in two quarters and making a run in the final moments of the game to get within three points. With 2.2 seconds on the clock Swin Cash missed two free throws. But there just wasn't enough time for Atlanta to take a final shot. You could barely hear the buzzer over the screaming fans.

Sadly for Jacobson she'll be driving back to Tacoma from Moses Lake on business during the finals in Atlanta Thursday. "I'll just be counting down the miles until I get within range of [Storm broadcaster KKNW] 1150 AM," she says.

The Storm would probably also like to have Jacobson rooting for them, preferably in person. They play their best in Seattle, where they remain unbeaten this year. When they do take the rare loss, it's outside the Key--their away record is 11-6. To cinch that shiny silver WNBA trophy, they'll have to play even better than they did tonight far from home in Hotlanta.

The Storm needs to up their game to win without their sixth woman.
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