Inmate Amanda Colmenero in ICU After Drug Stash in Vagina Ruptures

Amanda Colmenero made a big mistake when she got pinched on drug charges in Coos Bay, Oregon. She then compounded that mistake by shoving two containers full of meth into her vagina before being handcuffed. Containers which would eventually rupture, sending her to the intensive care unit of a local hospital with drug poisoning.

Amanda Colmenero put something she shouldn't have had in a place she shouldn't have put it.
Colmenero, 22, was arrested on Monday and taken to a holding cell overnight. When a guard entered the cell the next morning he found her lying on the ground, unconscious.

The jail said it conducted a body cavity search on Colmenero. Officials are now speculating that she'd shoved the container so far up into her body that they just weren't able to find it.

On Colmenero's MySpace page, the Modesto, California native describes herself as a "proud parent." Under occupation she lists "imma hustler babbbby." There's been no update on her condition.

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