Edgar Steele's Wife Stands By Man Who Tried to Blow Her Up

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From our partners at True Crime Report: Never mind that her husband tried to blow up Cyndi Steele and her mother. One of the mainstays of the white power movement is that the truth they speak is a danger to the federal government, so they must be silenced before the masses discover the wisdom of their logic.

As you may recall from our story back in June, Edgar Steele, a white supremacist lawyer from Idaho, was charged with trying to blow up his wife and his mother-in-law. He agreed on tape to pay hit man Larry Fairfax $25,000 to plant a bomb under her car. The bomb would then cause and accident, killing Cyndi and her mom.

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Cyndi Steele sounds ready to forgive the husband who tried to have her and her mother killed.
The crime would look as if someone was attacking the Steele family due to Edgar's beliefs. He'd have a ready alibi, and Fairfax would get a $100,000 bonus if an insurance policy on Cyndi paid off.

But Fairfax got cold feet and decided to rat Steele instead. The bomb was later discovered undetonated at a repair shop.

As a general rule, most wives won't come to your aid after you try to blow them up. Wives are weird that way. But while Edgar may be a lunatic Holocaust denyer, Cyndi apparently doesn't blow past him on her march up the IQ scale.

She believes Edgar's defense, which claims he was framed by the feds so they could stop his juggernaut movement, halting him from becoming king of the world. Or something like that.

At a press conference yesterday, she claimed Edgar was framed because of his "politicially incorrect" views. "The most dangerous part of this whole thing is that bomb that was on my car," Cyndi told KOMO-TV.

"I have come out, listening to those tapes. And to this day, I believe my husband is innocent. My husband is innocent and the only reason the FBI put him in jail is to silence him."

And just to let you know how far-reaching this conspiracy is, she called it a "'Mission Impossible'-level plot."

But despite his rhetoric of grand victimization, Edgar doesn't even seem to believe his own bullshit. Cyndi acknowledged that he's negotiating a plea with prosecutors. At the end of the day, it looks like he'll be just another dickhead to admits to trying to kill his wife.

See our original story: Edgar Steele, Aryan Nation Lawyer, Hires Hitman to Kill Wife and Mother-in-Law.

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