Devaughn Dorsey, Professional Coward, Sentenced to 48 Years for Shooting Witness

The woman was just two days away from testifying when someone shot up her West Seattle apartment. Set to provide evidence to a federal grand jury investigating a car theft ring, the woman was instead rushed to the hospital along with her 10-year-old son. Fortunately, both the mom and her little boy survived. Just like everyone else whose ever been shot by Devaughn Dorsey, Professional Coward.

Police say that in his 36 years on Earth, Dorsey has shot no less than eight people. Although one was paralyzed, all pulled through, meaning Dorsey is not only a violent criminal, he's also an incompetent one.

In his career, Dorsey has been arrested 99 times and convicted on a total of 58 charges. An Assistant U.S. Attorney says that he has "perhaps the most egregious criminal history ever seen in this district." A history that's probably seen its last chapter after a judge gave Dorsey the maximum, 48 years, for trying to kill a government witness.

Back in 2008, police were zeroing in on a car theft ring that had stolen 50 luxury cars worth $1 million from Western Washington dealerships. The crooks would replace the car id numbers, re-register them in the name someone with a clean record and then sell the wheels for a big profit.

One of the people who'd helped launder the titles was the single mother set to testify. Then, on a spring night, someone fired nine shots into a basement window while she was washing dishes.

Dorsey tried to establish an alibi by cold-calling some detectives he knew shortly after the shooting, claiming he was in Capitol Hill at the time. But having already established himself as a moron, Dorsey failed to realize that cops could trace those same phone calls. And when they did, they discovered that Dorsey was actually right next to the victim's apartment building minutes before she was shot.

That, along with an eyewitness who saw a man who looked like Dorsey fleeing from the scene, was enough for Chief U.S. District Judge Robert S. Lasnik.

"Your motive in this case was to completely subvert justice," the judge told Dorsey. "It was a cowardly and violent act. The myth of Devaughn Dorsey comes to an end today. You will come out (of prison) an old man who is no longer a danger to the community."

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