Craig Henderson Drives From Canada to Mexico on One Tank of Gas

Craig Henderson started his odyssey near the Canadian border in Blaine, Washington, in a high-mileage prototype he built in 1984 called the Avion. He ended it in Mexico, after traveling nearly 1,500 miles along I-5. And in between he didn't have to fill up once.

Henderson once had plans to mass-market the Avion. His dreams of commercial success never went anywhere. But he kept tinkering until he had a world-record holder on his hands.

With an aluminum frame and carbon fiber body, the Avion is about as light and aerodynamic as you can get for a roadster, two factors that helped Henderson get an incredible 119 miles per gallon on his trip.

Henderson says he has plans to build a couple Avions in a limited production run. In the meantime he'll focus on his other hobby: driving past gas stations whilst giggling uncontrollably.

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