Carlos Carrillo Shot and Killed By Hunters Who Thought He Was a Bear

Two hunters were walking through a wooded area in Mason County yesterday afternoon when they spotted what they thought was a bear. One of the men aimed his rifle and fired a single shot. Thinking he'd missed, the two kept walking. It wasn't until later when they turned on the news that they realized he'd actually hit his target.

A migrant worker later found what the hunter had hit. It was Carlos Carrillo, a 25-year-old native of Guatemala who'd been shot and killed by a round to the head.

Carrillo, like the migrant worker that found him and the hundreds of others just like them, was in the woods that day gathering salal, a sturdy green branch used in floral arrangements.

The hunter turned himself in and is said to be cooperating with police. And investigators say there's no reason to think it was anything other than an accident.

This is the second time in two years that someone has been shot and killed after being mistaken for a bear. But unlike in the previous case, in which a young teen shot a woman in foggy conditions, yesterday's weather was crisp and clear.

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