Brian Wood, Heroic Video Game Developer, Sacrifices Himself so Family Can Live

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Like a lot of young couples, Brian Wood and his pregnant wife Erin were using Labor Day weekend as an excuse to get away for a little bit. Married for five years, the pair from Vancouver, Canada, were expecting their first child in November. Then, on Friday night, while driving to a family home on Whidbey Island, tragedy struck.

Brian was driving the couple's Subaru wagon when an out-of-control Chevy Blazer heading towards them crossed the center line. Slamming on his brakes and swerving to the right, Brian took the brunt of the collision and died instantly. He was 33.

brian wood and wife erin.jpg
Police say Brian Wood saved the lives of his wife Erin and their unborn child by swerving at the last minute.
"All the policeman say that if we had hit the car head-on all of us would be dead," his wife Erin, 31, told The Province. "At the very last second (Brian) braked really hard and turned right so that he would be put in the path of the SUV and not me and the baby, and that is the only thing that saved us both."

Driving the Blazer was 21-year-old Jordyn Weichert. The young woman and her three passengers were well known to Whidbey Island police, who say they found evidence of drugs in her car.

At the time of the accident, Weichert was trying to take off her sweater while 22-year-old Samatha Bowling, a passenger in the front seat, had hold of the wheel. The top of Weichert's Blazer was crushed in the wreck and two male passengers in the backseat were killed. No one in Weichert's car was wearing a seat belt.

Brian was a lead designer for Canadian video game company Relic Entertainment. His father told the paper that his son had been excited for the birth of his first child, spending a lot of time happily renovating the couple's home in anticipation of the baby.

"I was just telling my wife this morning that we raised a magnificent young man and we are just so proud of him," he said. "It is a big loss for us and for the rest of the world as well."

Weichert, who was unhurt in the wreck, will soon be facing three counts of vehicular homicide and one count of vehicular assault. Bowling, who remains hospitalized with a broken pelvis, will likely face the same charges.

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