Breaking: People Like Smut, Even on E-Readers

Slate reports on the "strange" rise of e-reader pornography. A rise that's only strange if you're a Quaker. (And even then not so much.) Why the sudden scrutiny of e-smut? Because the most downloaded Kindle title right now is a little-known book by unknown Jenna Bayley-Burke called Compromising Positions.

The romance novel, about a hunky businessman who gets involved with a sexy yoga instructor (Get it? Positions?), is currently beating out Jonathan Franzen's well-hyped Freedom. Why?

Well, for one, the publisher is giving away the book for free. But for another, people like reading about other people doing it. (Trend alert!) Here's the plot description:

"David Strong knows how to do a lot of things--run an international fitness company, finesse stock portfolios and stay out of emotional entanglements. That is, until he gets tangled up with Sophie Delfino and her Sensational Sex workout. He's supposed to help her demonstrate Kama Sutra positions for her couples-yoga class. ... And his co-instructor unexpectedly tests his control to the limit."
I wonder what she means by "control." Hmm. Quit being so obtuse, romance novelists!
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