Who's Blowing Up Bombs in Grant County?

time bomb.jpg
Grant County is a sparsely populated tract in Central Washington. Hardly known for its violent crime, Grant has nonetheless experienced three unsolved bombings in as many years, including yesterday's massive car bomb in Warden that was powerful enough to be felt by every one of the town's 2,000 residents.

The explosion happened around 11 p.m. on Saturday night. Police found the car in the employee parking lot of Lamb Weston, a frozen potato supplier. Its windows had blown out, but there were no victims or damage done to other vehicles or the building itself.

In August of 2008, two pipe bombs killed William Walker, 69, and Javier Adame, 53. Walker was killed in an explosion outside of his shop. Adame died after a bomb went off in his kitchen.

The two Moses Lake victims lived only six miles apart. Their deaths were separated by only 10 hours. And three months later, Adame's girlfriend was found dead inside her home.

Neither murder has been solved. And no link between the two has ever been reported.

Likewise, officials say they don't know who planted the bomb at Lamb Weston. Or who might have been targeted.

Because Grant is in the middle of nowhere, it's probably not a surprise that someone or some ones are messing around with explosives. It's not hard to draw a straight line between boredom and blowing shit up. But the size and deadliness of the blasts looks like more than just some kids blowing off steam.

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