Today in Sex: Ovulating Woman's Outfit Shrieks, "IMPREGNATE MEEEEE!"

Ever notice how that mousy coworker dresses just a little more oom-pow! during certain days of the month? Suddenly your Peggy Olson morphs into a va-va-va-voom Joan Holloway? It may be a case of Makeover Madness, or it could be a subliminal broadcast from her body, telling everyone around her that her babymaker is ripe and ready for the impregnating.

Researchers at the University of Minnesota found that female shoppers were more likely to buy clingy clothing when they were at the most fertile time of their cycle. And if they were shopping with a hot friend, their clothing purchases tended to be even slinkier. The researchers theorize that this is in an effort to draw attention to them and away from other women (i.e., rivals for your sweet baby batter).

Naturally, there may be a way to make money from this: "Our findings suggest marketers for many types of female products are well served to strategically time their mailings, coupons, electronic solicitations, and direct requests to the specific window when women are ovulating."

I don't know about you, but there are few things more infuriating than my man pulling out the "are you getting your period?" card when I'm a feeling little bitched out. So if I were to discover, for example, that Gilt Groupe was sending me offers for discount designer booty shorts because their computer program determined my lady parts were in babymaking mode, I'd be furious.

So go ahead and try this, marketers. But if you do--you'd best keep your methodology on the DL. Because if it gets out, you're going to be feeling some serious PMS-level wrath.

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