Today in Sex: Beer Goggles Are More Effective When Worn by Women

Who hasn't drunkenly tumbled into bed with Brad Pitt and woken up to Gilbert Gottfried? Or gotten busy with Megan Fox only to find she's been replaced during the night with a Real Housewife? Straight, gay, man or woman, these bait-and-switch sessions usually have one thing in common: booze.

And lots of it.

In what sounds like one of the most fun experiments ever, scientists at the Roehampton University in London, recently conducted a study on inebriated college students to find out what effect drunkenness has on perceived notions of attractiveness.

Our brains are trained to see symmetrical faces as more attractive (which might explain why the guy with the coffee-cup sized goiter on the left side of his jaw could have a problem getting a date). So researchers grabbed their laptops, a stack of headshots--both hot and not--and a breathalyzer and toddled down to their local pub to see things through the eyes of the inebriated.

Sober students consistently deemed the symmetrical faces more attractive, and were also able to gauge whether a face was symmetrical or not. Once the drinks came into play, everyone was kinder with their ratings. However, even after downing a few, the drunk men proved better able than wasted women to discern who was symmetrical and who was cock-eyed.

A possible scientific reason for this? "Men tend to ogle more than women do," was one researcher's guess. Past studies have shown that both genders are more generous with deeming someone attractive once they'd downed a few, but this latest study shows that men may go for the less attractive woman anyway--even if his friends Johnny, Jack and José haven't completely clouded his judgment.

(If you want to save yourself the calories, you can buy these fetching beer goggles here.)

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