Today in Sex: Ann Coulter to Entertain Gays Who Hate Gays

Ann Coulter is the human equivalent of a weeping, pus-filled sore located deep in the diseased rectum of Adolf Hitler's rotting corpse. Her cackling, hate-filled pratter has targeted everyone from widows of people killed during the World Trade Center attacks to Muslims to Canadians to "faggots." So wasn't I gobsmacked to see during my daily perusal of Joe. My. God. that this she-beast will be appearing at the HomoCon. Or as Joe. My. God. dubbed it, the "National Convention of Self-Loathing Homosexuals."

The conference is sponsored by a group called, GOProud, an organization representing "gay conservatives and their allies."

GOProud is pro-gun, anti-healthcare reform, and believes that federal government should stay out of gay marriage. (Though GOProud's founder quickly married his partner when Washington, DC legalized gay marriage.) These are people who found the Log Cabin Republicans "too liberal" for their tastes.

So given their obvious issues, it makes sense that a group who sucks up to the right-wing nutjobs who loathe them would pay a woman who regularly uses the f-bomb as an insult to entertain their troops. I might suggest paying a therapist instead.

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