Today in Sex: American Bar Association Says "I Do" to Gay Marriage

Take back every mean thing you ever said about lawyers, because this week, the American Bar Association came out in favor of gay marriage. According to the ABA Journal, "Incoming ABA President Stephen Zack asked 'Why would anyone in this country not want two people who love each other to enjoy the blessings of marriage and the protections of law?'" Indeed!

Naturally, not everyone agreed, with one snippy dissenter sniffing that the vote endorsing gay marriage was nothing more than a bow to political correctness. Oh, please.

While this is great news, is it overly cynical to wonder what took them so long? I mean, marriage is big busine$$ for the legal profession. You've got your name changes, pre-nups, post-nups, and, obviously with about 50% of marriages ending in tears, gay marriage would be a huge boon to the divorce industry as well. Of course lawyers would grabbing for a slice of this money pie. Endorsing gay marriage is not only common sense, it's good business sense as well.

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