The Home Where President Barack Obama Had a $10,000-a-Plate Meal (PICS)

obama eating.jpg
President Barack Obama raised some serious cash for Senator Patty Murray and his party while in Seattle. Nearly $1.3 million by last count. Roughly half of which came from a $10,000-a-plate meal he attended at the lakefront home of Rob Glaser, founder of RealNetworks and one of the state's biggest Democratic fundraisers. Everyone wants to see the house where some rich people and the President politely nibbled on endive with mango salsa, right? Click ahead for some pictures.

Glaser had the 7,300 square foot modernist home built only two years ago. It's got four bedrooms, six-and-a-half bathrooms and (just guessing here) a robot butler named Jeeves that welcomes you when you walk in the door.

madrona obama home.jpg
Not pictured: Jeeves the robot butler.

It also has a pretty spectacular view of Lake Washington.

madrona obama home 2.jpg
Still not pictured: Jeeves.

This aerial view shows that Glaser's home (marked by the orange peg) is, at least by his neighbor's standards, kinda modest. Also, see that heavily wooded plot with scorched grass two lots to the right? That's Howell Park, a.k.a. the city's unofficial nudist paradise. OBAMA AT A NUDE BEACH! LOL!

rob glaser obama home.jpg
Where the F is that robot?!
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