The Captain Phil Harris Corn Maze

phil harris.jpg
Captain Phil Harris has been the subject of many a tribute this year. The beloved grumplepuss who starred in Discovery Channel's hit show "Deadliest Catch" died in February of a stroke. Since then he's had his final moments immortalized on film, a well-attended memorial at Fisherman's Terminal and an outpouring of grief from fans of the show. Now, though, comes the ultimate honor.

That's right, it's the Captain Phil Harris corn maze.

captain phil harris corn maze.jpg

The owners of the Rutledge Corn Maze in Tumwater know a good marketing opportunity when they see one. "Deadliest Catch" fans travel, and the show even has its own convention, CatchCon.

Harris' sons, Josh and Jake, will be on hand for the maize maze's opening on September 11. Here's hoping they recognize their dad in the corn, even if they did make the mistake of leaving him with a clean upper lip.


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