Seattle Named Third Coolest City in the Country

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Not content to just be the fifth gayest city in the country, nor the most miserable when it comes to sports, Seattle is also the third coolest, behind only New York and Las Vegas, says a new Forbes poll. So how did the money magazine come up with its rankings? To the methodology mobile!

Forbes' lists are rarely scientific. But even by its own low standards, this list gives off a we're-all-on-August-vacation vibe.

To compile the list, market research company Harris Interactive conducted an exclusive poll for Forbes. In July Harris asked 2,104 adults from across the U.S. which of the 40 largest metropolitan statistical areas in the country were "the coolest."
That's it. No hard data or nuthin'.

So according to land-line-owning shut-ins -- Hello, my fellow bloggers! -- Seattle is way cool. Bragging rights: rejected.

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