President Obama Is in Seattle, But Where?

Holy Commander in Chiefs! President Barack Obama is actually in Seattle, like, right now. So wherever you are, you're roughly 3,000 miles closer to the leader of the free world than you are on a normal Tuesday. Obama is only in town for a little bit, though, and parts of his schedule are being closely guarded.

Seattle police spokesman Mark Jamieson won't say where exactly Obama will be in the morning for what's being billed as a four-hour round-table with a handful of small business owners. (UPDATE: At Pioneer Square's Grand Central Bakery!) But downtown and I-5 are supposed to be gridlocked nightmares well into the afternoon, so that should give you some clue.

Obama's next stop is the Westin for a fundraiser for Patty Murray, with tickets going for anywhere from $500 to $10,000--the same amount it will cost to have a meal at the Madrona home of RealNetworks founder Rob Glaser, one of the top Democratic donors in the state.

The Seattle swoop-in is part of a five-state fundraising tour for the President. So, unfortunately, if you'd like to gawk, heckle or prostrate yourself at his feet, you'll only have a couple hours to do so, as Obama is scheduled to head to Columbus, Ohio roughly 12 hours after he flies in.

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