Norm Dicks Is About as Vulnerable as Fort Knox

The wave of anti-incumbency "sweeping the nation" is a myth. If you extrapolate current polls, 87 percent of incumbents will stay in office this November. Hardly the revolutionary upheaval the political press would have you believe is taking place. And if there's anyone guaranteed to ride out this harmless, peaks-at-your-shins wave, it's Rep. Norm Dicks.

Dicks is the definition of an entrenched incumbent. 34 years in office and a lifetime spent funneling money from that Washington to this Washington with the efficiency of one of those old-timey suction tubes they still use at the bank drive-thru.

Some say his gift for earmarks makes him a soft target. But one man's pork is another man's job. And in the Great Recession, no one votes against their paycheck.

Which is why it's funny to see a headline like "Republican challengers say Dicks is vulnerable." Well of course they're going to say he's vulnerable. Otherwise they'd look like fools for running.

It's like writing a preview for a Globetrotters game, getting quotes like "we think we can take these guys" from the hapless Generals and then completely ignoring the history between the two teams when you go to press.

"They" is Jesse Young and Doug Cloud, Dicks' two Republican challengers. Cloud you may remember from 2008, when he got stomped by Dicks in his third unsuccessful bid for Congress.

Young is a fresh face with a nice story; a formerly homeless teen turned successful Notre Dame grad and father of five. But neither qualify as giant-killers.

Combined, Dicks' two challengers have raised roughly $60,000 to his $1 million. None of the professional Congressional handicappers have the race on their radar. And if anyone other than the two people running against him perceived Dicks as vulnerable, or his challengers as viable, you'd have heard about it by now.

In other words, WATCH OUT FOR THAT WAVE, NORM! IT'S ABOUT TO...oh, OK, it just got your feet wet. Sorry about the yelling and all. Should've read past the headline.

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