Mike McGinn Announces City's New Role: Pooper Scooper

The plan isn't finalized, but last night, Mayor Mike McGinn announced that the city is negotiating with Cleanscapes, one of its garbage collectors (and the subject of a feature story by Nina Shapiro), to set up a team that will respond to calls reporting human excrement on the sidewalks of Belltown. "To the extent you have human waste: feces, vomit, urine," someone will come out to pick it up, McGinn explained today.

McGinn says the role could fall under Cleanscapes' current contract with the city, meaning it wouldn't put any more stress on the already-suffering budget.

Belltown was selected as the first neighborhood to get poop-scooping crews thanks to a rash of complaints of feces and vomit there. McGinn says he isn't sure if the primary culprits are the transient populations that stay in the shelters or the 20-somethings that emerge from the bars at 2 a.m. after several rounds of Jager and Red Bull.

But even if the latter crowd is to blame, McGinn says that he isn't rethinking his recent proposal to lift last call, potentially letting you pound shots all night.

Speaking with reporters today, McGinn noted: "I realize you guys are focusing on this announcement from yesterday because you get to hear the mayor say 'pee'."

But that's completely untrue; we're focusing on it because we get to hear him say "feces."

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