Meteor Shower! Here's Where and When to Go and What You Can Expect to See

meteor shower.jpg
The biggest meteor shower of the year is happening early in the morning on Friday the 13th. If you're a sexy teen looking to lose your virginity to a fellow member of the Astronomy Club, expect a slow and painful death at the hands of an escaped mental patient. For everybody else, here's where and when to go and what you're likely to see.

Tonight's light display is a yearly event known as the Perseid meteor shower. As the University of Washington astronomy department explains, it happens when the Earth crosses paths with debris from a comet, just like "a car on a road driving through a chute of snowflakes."

So when should I drag the wife and kids outside and stare up at the sky? The best viewing times are between 2 and 4 a.m., when the Earth is pointed towards the "pebble-swarm."

Where should I drag said tired and grumpy family? To the darkest spot you can find. Preferably over the pass, if you feel like driving.

And finally, in what direction shall ye tired charges direct their gaze? To the East, my friend, to the East. Happy showering!

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