Mark Emmert Says Nice Things About the City He Couldn't Wait to Leave

Not satisfied with letting Forbes dominate the world of half-assed business-journalism, Kiplinger has just released its list of the 10 Best Cities for the Next Decade. You may think it's great news to find out that we came in second, just behind Austin, Texas, thanks in large part to the Microsoft-Boeing-Amazon job-creating hydra. But you might not feel as strongly when you hear who the glossy used to sing Seattle's praises.

Rain City? We'd say Brain City. Home to a well-educated workforce, a world-class research university, ├╝ber innovators Microsoft, Amazon and Boeing, and a host of risk-taking, garage-tinkering entrepreneurs, Seattle crackles with creative energy. "We only have two products here: smart people and great ideas," says Mark Emmert, president of the University of Washington.
Funny, considering Emmert is the same guy who just left $700,000 on the table so that he could skip town as soon as possible.
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