Liberty Belle on Dino Rossi Endorsement: "Compromise is Essential"

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When Republican Senate candidate Dino Rossi effectively gave Clint Didier and his endorsement prerequisites the finger last week, you might have thought Rossi's chances of luring his former primary opponent's supporters over to his corner were in doubt. Then a handful of noted Washington state Tea Party activists went and announced that, with the field winnowed down to Rossi and incumbent Democrat Patty Murray, they'll be supporting Rossi. Question is: Will the rest of the local Tea Party follow suit?

Keli Carender thinks so. But, as she says, "He has his work cut out for him." One of nine Tea Party activists to endorse Rossi yesterday, Carender, who blogs from the political right under the name Liberty Belle, says that Rossi is going to need to bridge the gaps between his supporters and Didier's. To do so, he'll have to stay on message, she says.

"The Tea Party has always essentially been about fiscal responsibility" says Carender, noting that Rossi has already signed onto the Contract From America, which carries with it the Tea Party stamp of approval.

As for Rossi rebuffing Didier's demands and possibly ruffling his backers' feathers, Carender says that the movement has never been about one person.

"They now have a choice between Dino Rossi and Patty Murray, and here compromise is essential," she says. "They're going to have to ask themselves if this compromise gets me closer to my goal of liberty and personal freedom."

Then she puts it into terms even Didier's die-hards might understand: "They're going to have to ask themselves if this compromise moves the ball down the field."

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