Kindle and iPad Displays Under a Microscope

looking into a microscope.jpg
A lot is made about the difference between Amazon's Kindle and Apple's iPad when it comes to price and features. But equally important for an e-reader is what it actually looks like when you read on it. That's long been the Kindle's strength -- an ability to recreate the actual reading experience -- and it shows even more when you look at both under a microscope.

ipad vs. kindle.jpg

As you can see, the iPad (left) already appears much more pixelated than the Kindle at 26x magnification.

ipad vs. kindle 2.jpg

A difference that's even more pronounced at 400x, when the iPad looks like an Atari 64 game and the Kindle type like a footpath made up of irregularly shaped stones. A pattern which mimics actual newsprint.

newsprint magnified.jpg
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