Judge Judith Eiler Reprimanded Again for Being Really Mean

judge judith eiler.jpg
Judge Judith Eiler doesn't suffer fools lightly. Even before today's state Supreme Court decision to suspend her for five days on account of rudeness, the judge had twice felt the velvet glove of reprimand come down on her wrist.

In 2005, she was scolded for being too sarcastic and whistling at clients and lawyers to get their attention. Yet she vowed to continue practicing her "straightforward, plain-talking" approach to jurisprudence.

Last year, the Commission on Judicial Conduct recommended a 90-day suspension without pay for "a pattern or practice of rude, impatient, undignified, and intimidating treatment." Again, Eiler was unmoved.

"If I wanted people to love me, I wouldn't have chosen to be a judge," she told KIRO-TV. "I don't sugarcoat stuff...I don't use a lot of gobbledygook."

And the lack of gobbledygook continues.

"Statements by a judge implying that a litigant is an 'idiot' or 'stupid' and the rendering of other derisive comments about persons who are before the judge is not conduct that engenders respect for the judiciary or provides confidence in the impartiality of the justice system," wrote Justice Gerry Alexander, in an unsuccessful effort to argue for a longer suspension.

We've got a call into Eiler's office to get her reaction to the suspension. And, not-so-secretly, we can't wait to hear it.

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