Hey Brett Favre, This Is How You Retire

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Hey, Brett Favre. It looks like, yet again, you're going to dominate the NFL's off-season by refusing to confirm or deny rumors of your retirement. This will-he-won't-he saga has made you one of the most hated men in sports. Maybe what you need is a good role model.

Allow me to introduce you to Walter Jones. Walter here played for the Seattle Seahawks for 12 years. He was the greatest left tackle of his generation. Hey, he even played for a guy you know, Mike Holmgren! What are the odds, huh?!

brett favre crying 2.jpg
Tears are good. Tears are fine. Just make sure you mean it this time.
Anyway, a couple years ago Walter's knees started to hurt real bad. You're no stranger to pain...killers. So I think you can understand why, when the pain got to be too great, Walter decided it was time to hang 'em up.

So how'd he do it, you ask?

No, he didn't have his agent leak reports that he wanted to be traded. No, he didn't hold a teary press conference announcing his retirement, then reverse himself the next day. No, he didn't...hey, you're not even listening anymore! You're just thinking of new ways to un-retire, aren't you?!

Listen, if you want to know how it's done, read this. Walter cracked jokes. He name-checked his offensive line coach. He even gave a nice shout-out to the Seahawks executive who had helped negotiate his contract. In short, he went out with class.

Now, if only you'd do the same.

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