Downtown Car Prowler Chased by Cop on Horse

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The last time I saw a Seattle cop on a horse was yesterday in Pacific Place. Three mounted officers were "parked" near Nordstrom's, letting tourists take pictures with their rides. I distinctly remember thinking, "Besides crowd control, when are those animals ever going to come in handy?" As a police report from the Blotter proves, my assumption was dead wrong, as usual.

Yesterday afternoon, a witness spotted a man breaking into a truck parked downtown. When the car prowler realized he was being watched he booked it into a nearby alley. The same alley where a mounted officer was making her rounds.

A foot hoof chase ensued. The suspect took shelter in a parking garage where he ditched his baseball hat, sunglasses and jacket in order to go incognito. But the Superman trick didn't work.

Witnesses alerted the mounted officer to the suspect and he was arrested shortly after. In the 39-year-old's possession cops found an iPhone that was later returned to its owner. The suspect has since been booked for theft. The horse, meanwhile, was presumably fed a tasty treat for his (her?) efforts. A carrot, perhaps.

For more on Seattle's Mounted Patrol Unit, check out the ride-along we did back in April.

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