Don Wakamatsu Fired by the Mariners

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When you're as crappy a team as the Seattle Mariners -- blessed with both the worst starting pitcher and worst hitter in baseball -- it's only a matter of time before you go looking for some scapegoats. Today, Mariners manager Don Wakamatsu became that goat. Except he didn't eh-scape blame. Oh man that was terrible. Point is, Wak done got fired.

No one is really reporting the axing yet except Twitter. But beat writers like Larry Stone have given it the imprimatur of legitimacy, so it looks like it's true.

Had he actually been allowed to finish out this dismal season, Wakamatsu would have been coach for two years. But brawling with struggling signee Chone Figgins, being at the helm during Ken Griffey Jr.'s Snoozegate and managing a team that failed miserably at matching expectations was apparently reason enough to release his ass.

The Mariners' bench and pitching coaches were also part of today's purge. But since only the most diehard of you baseball fans knew their names, we're just going to pretend they didn't even exist. R.I.P. Wak.

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