Bremerton Officer Shoots and Kills Great Dane During Traffic Stop Scuffle

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A man and a woman in Bremerton are down one beloved family pet this morning, after an alleged drunken altercation with an officer last night ended with the shooting death of a Great Dane.

It all started when a sergeant on patrol noticed the couple get out of their car and start arguing.

When the cop approached the pair he noticed that the man, a 22-year-old who'd been driving, seemed drunk. When he took him aside to start a DUI investigation, the man resisted.

Eventually a fight broke out. According to Bremerton police, it was two-on-one, with both the man and his 23-year-old girlfriend assaulting the cop.

The officer used both of his Taser cartridges on the man. But they apparently didn't put him down for long. Then, somehow, the couple's Great Dane managed to get out of the house (Bremerton police still aren't sure if the dog was let out or forced open the door on its own) and latched itself onto the cop's upper arm.

Out of non-lethal options, the officer shot the dog twice, killing it. Soon after, back-up arrived. The man was transported to the police station, but not before allegedly assaulting the officer doing the transporting.

The officer was taken to a nearby hospital for the bite wounds, treated and released. Daily Weekly asked Bremerton police for details or pictures of his injuries, but we got denied because the investigation is still ongoing.

The man has been charged with resisting arrest, DUI and two counts of third-degree assault. His girlfriend got the same, minus one of the assault counts and the DUI.

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