Breaking News: The University of Washington Is Full of Liberals!

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Before you send your impressionable teen off to the University of Washington, there's something you should know: it's full of liberals. Liberals who are (looks around to make sure no one is watching) biased. That, at least, is the conclusion of a wrongheaded "expose" by, a conservative watchdog that wants to "revolutionize the struggle against leftist bias and abuse on college campuses."

According to CampusReform, the UW is biased because it has three times as many left-leaning student political groups as right-leaning student political groups, almost all political contributions from faculty and staff go to Democrats and last year's assigned freshman reading was Barack Obama's "Dreams of My Father."

But just because liberal groups outnumber conservative groups doesn't mean that there's a liberal bias. It just shows that liberals outnumber conservatives on campus. Which is bound to happen in an environment where over half the population doesn't yet pay taxes.

Belief isn't bias unless those Obama-voting, hippie professors at Montlake start letting their liberal views influence how they teach in some unfair way. And distinctions that fine don't come easy for a group that conflates every person who votes Democrat with what it calls the "radical left."

CampusReform's expert dissection of UW politics is but one in a series of 100 reports it's doing on the biggest colleges in the country. I can't wait until they reveal how Ohio State University is biased against other Big 10 football teams, University of Florida students are biased against their rivals at Florida State and how Harvard's administrators are biased in favor of wealthy alumni who write big checks. Viva la revolution!

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