Army Soldier Ruben Colon Accused of Waterboarding Foster Son for Wetting the Bed

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There are appropriate ways and inappropriate ways to deal with a kid who's wetting the bed. Appropriate: encourage the child to go to the bathroom before getting tucked in and, if that fails, invest in rubber sheets. Inappropriate: make like they're a reluctant Guantanamo detainee and introduce them to the technique known as waterboarding.

Ruben Colon, an active duty soldier at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, is accused of doing the latter.

According to court documents, on a night in May 2009 Colon's six-year-old foster son told him he'd just had an accident in their Yelm home. Colon allegedly responded by holding the boy's head under a running bathtub faucet and telling him he should just let him die.

The water was running "all over my head and my nose. I couldn't breathe. I was choking and coughing," the boy is quoted as saying. And when asked how long he thought he'd been held under he answered, "I don't know 'cause I couldn't count 'cause I couldn't breathe."

Scarily enough, this isn't the first time this year that a JBLM soldier has been accused of waterboarding their kid. In February, Army sergeant Joshua Tabor was accused of holding his daughter's head under water after she failed to recite her ABCs.

Colon's foster son has since been reassigned and neither he nor his wife are allowed to take in another child until the state's investigation is complete. He's also been charged with assault.

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