Today in Sex: Now a Reality Show About Wife Beaters?

It's too bad that watching drug addicts shoot up and/or smoke crack, alienate their families, and then go through withdrawal hasn't satisfied our thirst for witnessing human misery. Now we have shows featuring parents of fertility experiments gone wild, people who live imprisoned by their own filth, others who can't leave the house without counting to 30, 30 times, and even women who didn't figure out they were pregnant until they shat out a baby into their toilet. Apparently America's curiosity for watching the seriously fucked-up knows no bounds, because now there's going to be a reality show about domestic violence.

Called "Abusers," the series' creators say they hope to "tackle the difficult and often taboo topic head on, featuring real-life cases of victims of all ages and backgrounds who have either experienced abuse, or are in relationships teetering on the brink of danger."

Wow. That sounds like a great idea and not at all dangerous! To show they're serious about raising awareness of this horrible phenomenon, the producers signed on two cast members from "Real World DC." Because when I think women getting the shit kicked out of them, I think drunken hot tub shenanigans, don't you?

For allowing cameras in to film their degradation, the participants will be offered "counseling, therapy and support to both the abused and the abuser." Therapy and support for the abuser? If a stranger walked up to me on the street and beat the crap out of me, he would go to jail (hopefully). But if my boyfriend did the same, he'd be offered counseling? Not to mention that if you read up on the type of men who abuse their families, they're notoriously resistant to counseling and almost impossible to treat successfully.

The press release I received didn't mention any network participation, so hopefully this really bad idea won't get picked up. If it is, though, it really lowers the bar and I can only guess that Child Molesters: The Reality Series is next. Maybe they can get Snooki to co-host.

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