Two Dugout Fights Better Than Chone Figgins Vs. Don Wakamatsu (VIDEO)

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Dugout fights are notoriously crappy. Baseball players aren't really the brawling types -- for visually-pleasing fisticuffs your best bet is and always will be hockey -- and the teammates hanging around have an incentive to break things up before anyone can land a solid punch. Friday night's minor disagreement between Chone Figgins and Don Wakamatsu was not an exception to this rule.

During the fifth inning, the Mariners second-basemen uncharacteristically let a relay throw skip past him, allowing the Boston Red Sox to take an extra base.

Figgins was clearly at fault. And as his skipper, Wak was right to let him have it. But their ensuing scrap didn't offer much in the way of WHOATHEYREREALLYGOINGATIT excitement.

For a better example of a good teammate dust-up, check out the stand-off between two of the Tampa Bay Rays young stars, Evan Longoria and B.J. Upton.

Notice how Longoria and Upton were able to get nose-to-nose before attracting the attention of meddling teammates? That's some sneaky scuffling right there.

Better yet is this skirmish between the Milwaukee Brewers pudgy Prince Fielder and pitcher Manny Parra. Major League Baseball is completely prudeish about its copyright, so you'll have to click this link to watch it, but LOOGIT, REAL SHOVING!

Wak. Figs. (Figgy?) Take notes.

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