Two Brothers Collide in Fatal Head-On Collision

Westun Harvey is a 20-year-old Marine lance corporal on leave. On Tuesday, he and his pregnant wife, Rosario, were on a highway south of the Hood River in Oregon when the Toyota Corolla he was driving was struck by a tow truck. Rosario was killed, while Westun was critically injured. The other driver was unhurt physically, but emotionally he has to be going through hell right now. Because, you see, the guy behind the wheel of the tow truck was John Harvey, Westun's older brother.

Investigators say that both brothers crossed the center line of the two-lane highway before the crash. Why they would do that is best explained by those who know them.

It seems the Harvey boys liked to drive past each other going the wrong way in opposite lanes. Police aren't ready to confirm that this modified version of "chicken" is the cause of the accident. But a statement from a witness at the scene makes it sound as if John knew it was his brother he was speeding towards all along.

"The gentleman in the tow truck jumped out and was yelling, 'Oh God! Oh God! Call 9-1-1!'" she said.

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