Starbucks Robber Cuts Ahead of Cops in Line

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Robbers generally try to avoid the police, what with the fact that those are the guys with the guns and handcuffs. But one enterprising crook in British Columbia took the opposite tack: not only trying to rob a Starbucks while cops were present, but also jumping in front of them in line.

Police in New Westminster, outside of Vancouver, say that two officers were walking from the station to a coffee shop on Saturday morning when they stopped to have a conversation with a man outside. Moments later, the 43-year-old man played cutsie with the cops waiting in line, threw a drink at the cashier and demanded cash.

"[The officers] looked at each other in astonishment that someone would attempt that with two uniform officers in the room," Sgt. Bruce Carrie told a Canadian TV station.

The cops then tackled the would-be thief and arrested him. He now faces charges of attempted robbery, assault and having the world's worst short-term memory.

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