Reggie Bush Loses Heisman For Crimes Less Heinous Than Double-Murder

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What does it take for a school to renounce your Heisman Trophy? Observe, two test cases, both involving University of Southern California running backs. One takes a rent-free house for his folks and a nice car for himself when he's an impressionable 19-year-old. The other nearly beheads his wife and murders her friend when he's a grown-ass man who should know better. So who lost their trophy yesterday?

Reggie Bush, that's who.

In a letter announcing the replacement of its athletic director, USC said it would be returning Bush's Heisman. Step number Iforgettheressomany in the school's attempts to distance itself from the former star player, whose acceptance of payola is partly why its now facing a two-year postseason ban.

And yet, when a civil court ruled that O.J. Simpson was responsible for two gruesome deaths, it wasn't USC that politely asked the Juice for its stiff-arming slab of bronze back. It was a judge who ordered he auction it off in order to repay his debts.

Meanwhile, new Seahawks coach Pete Carroll continues to be "absolutely shocked" that Bush could have skirted the rules under his watch. He probably thinks O.J. got a raw deal too.

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